From Cancer to Living Foods

by Brenda Cobb

On February 13, 1999, my life changed forever. I went to the doctor for a check-up and was shocked to find that not only did I weigh 190 pounds, but that I had a lump in my breast about the size of a quarter and a large cervical tumor. My mother and her sisters had cervical and breast cancers. They chose the mainstream medical route which included surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. My doctor recommended immediate surgery and that I go to another doctor for a second opinion, hospital tests, and blood work.

So, Where Do You Get Your Protein?

I get this question SO often, that I decided to share this post from Karen Knowler. She answers it perfectly!

"So, Where Do You Get Your Protein?"

One of the most common questions you will be asked when you dabble with raw foods is: "Sounds great, but... where do you get your protein?"

Well, I have known for years that to become protein deficient on ANY diet can take some doing (although isn't impossible), but on a raw diet there are some interesting surprises when it comes to discovering what has a little and what has a lot.

Deadly Food Addictions, by Brenda Cobb

Are you addicted to food? I am! That’s right. Just as addicted as an alcoholic is to alcohol, I’m addicted to food. That’s what got me into trouble with my health…..bad diet, bad lifestyle! I turned to food for every reason imaginable, because I was happy, sad, lonely, depressed, frustrated, stressed, or bored. Whatever the reason, I had to eat, and I did!! Food called my name. If potato chips were in the house I had to eat them! Food gets on my mind and I can’t get it off. I’ve been obsessed with everything from chocolate candy to french fries. Food surrounds every activity that I do.

From "12 Steps To Raw Foods"

These are some excerpts from Victoria Boutenko's book "12 Steps To Raw Foods"


I am often asked how to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is just one sign that you are toxic, nutrient deficient, and in need of a good cleanse! It is also an indication that your immune system isn't doing its job.

If you have inflammation, the first thing you need to do is to switch to a living foods diet, and call your colon hydrotherapist. I will list some other things you can change in your life below, however, these should be used IN ADDITION TO a eating plant-based diet and getting regular colonics!

Surviving the Holidays with Health Food

Surviving The Holidays With Healthy Food

by Brenda Cobb

That time of year is here again. The holidays mean parties, family gatherings, and social occasions that most probably revolve all around food. The food and drink is abundant and very rich, and that plays havoc with everything from our digestion to our weight. How in the world can we enjoy the holidays without feeling deprived and still eat healthy?

Why juice?

I have been making a fresh green juice every morning for years. Why?

You can literally drink cancer-fighting, skin-clearing, joint-soothing, energy-enhancing nutrients in every glass! And every glass is different. You can add the ingredients that you like best, and feel are right for you that day. Not only will this increase your stamina, but also your vitality and glow.

What are the benefits of juicing?

There are too many to count, but here is a list of the ones I have experienced. Green juice:

Enzymes and Living Food, by Brenda Cobb

Enzymes are the most important element to aid digestion and to maintain health. None of us could live long without enzymes. They perform in the body and the brain in a fantastic and powerful way.

We Must Stop Killing Our Children, by Brenda Cobb

What in the world are we thinking? Why are we killing the ones we should love and take care of the most, our children? Why do loving parents willingly subject their children to a life of disease, sickness, and premature death? Why are our children taking drugs at younger and younger ages? Why are they picking up weapons and killing at school and at home? Don’t parents today really care? Aren’t they interested in their children’s welfare? Do you ever ask these questions? Do you look for answers and solutions to the problems that are facing us and our children today?

On the subject of protein ...

Can we get enough protein from living foods?

This is the first question most people ask me: How will I get enough protein if I'm not eating meat? Allow me to answer this question with a resounding: YES!!

Most people are concerned they are not eating enough protein, when in fact, they are eating too much! Many nutritional "experts" offer conflicting advice about protein consumption, so it's no wonder the public is confused!