Ann McGrath | About Me

Hi! I'm Ann McGrath. I want to share real world experiences, advice, recipes and habits designed to educate, inspire and motivate you!

Amazing vitality, radiance and health is possible for everyone. You don't have to be a dietary extremist or social hermit to achieve it!

Even small changes will revolutionize your body, mind and spirit. It can also enhance your ability to combat every toxin your body comes in contact with. I know this, because a plant based diet with lots of living foods has transformed my life!

My Story

In 2004, I developed severe abdominal pain. It was a 7" tumor on my right ovary (or what used to be my right ovary). After many tests and lots of pain killers, I was sent to an oncologist who decided to just cut it out of me. I was scheduled for a complete hysterectomy the next day, and they removed *everything*.

While I was at home recovering from this major abdominal surgery, the oncologist called to tell me on the phone that what they removed was ovarian cancer.

In 2005, I started a journey that led me to my present lifestyle. I studied books by Kris Karr (Crazy Sexy Cancer), Norman Walker, T. Colin Campbell (The China Study), and finally found Brenda Cobb's book, "The Living Foods Lifestyle". I became certified as a raw chef, and also as an Educator at the Living Foods Institute. I am also taking courses at eCornell towards a certificate in plant based nutrition. Through all of this excellent education, coaching, experimentation and exploration, I've developed a crystal clear lifestyle vision that I'm ready to share with you.

If you're hesitant to switch to a living foods or plant based lifestyle because it seems too complicated, restrictive or expensive, I want to change your mind, and your life!

I cannot stress enough how important it is for all of us to be nourishing our bodies with real, living, plant based foods - particularly sprouts!

One of the best way to get the invaluable nutrients, enzymes and chlorophyll from green produce is by juicing. Without juicing, it is very difficult to get all the nutrients and trace minerals we need by chewing. We would have to consume a LOT of produce and a lot more bulk than we would be comfortable with. Juicing is an effective, easy and delicious way to bring a wide variety of disease-fighting, energy-charging, immune-building and vitality-boosting produce into our daily diet. There is nothing else that compares to the power of living enzymes from fresh produce in our bodies.

Juicing is one of my passions, and I practice it every day. I consider it one of the most important aspects of my health and well being. It gives me energy and clarity like nothing else can - much better than caffeine! (Yes, I am suggesting that you eventually replace your acidic morning coffee with morning green goodness!)

By sharing my story, and giving you all the information you need to find your own path, my wish is that you find your way to your healthiest life ever. It's time for you to dig deep. It's time to listen to that inner voice that's saying "Yeah, this is exactly what I need" and let your body's intuition have full reign.

I believe that when you start making room for plant based foods and green juice, you will also open up to more clarity, creativity, love of life and all out positive energy!

My Results
To give you an idea of what I have experienced by adding more living foods into my diet and changing my attitude ...

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