We Must Stop Killing Our Children, by Brenda Cobb

What in the world are we thinking? Why are we killing the ones we should love and take care of the most, our children? Why do loving parents willingly subject their children to a life of disease, sickness, and premature death? Why are our children taking drugs at younger and younger ages? Why are they picking up weapons and killing at school and at home? Don’t parents today really care? Aren’t they interested in their children’s welfare? Do you ever ask these questions? Do you look for answers and solutions to the problems that are facing us and our children today?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), children born today have a one in 600 chance of developing cancer by age ten, and the overall incidence of childhood cancer increased 10.8% between 1973 and 1990. Cancer now kills more children under the age of 15 than any other disease. That’s astonishing? Or is it? What are we feeding our children’s bodies and minds that are making them so sick? Who’s responsible for this horror, how do we fix it?

Children eat more food and drink more water relative to their size than adults, and every time they eat food that is not organic they are being exposed to pesticides, contaminants, and pollutants! By the time of their first birthday children’s combined cancer risk from just eight pesticides on 20 foods exceeds the EPA’s lifetime level of "acceptable risk". We must STOP THIS MADNESS and begin to really think about what we are eating and what we’re feeding our children?

Fifty million metric tons of toxic chemicals are dumped into our environment every single year. The Standard American Diet (SAD) includes at least 5000 artificial additives each year. Each and every insecticide, herbicide, and fungicide used on and in our vegetables and fruits are helping make us sick and ultimately helping to kill us. Everything from synthetic, artificial sweeteners and colors to sugar, caffeine, and chemicals that most of us can’t pronounce and certainly don’t know what they mean or what they do, these are the things that we are willingly putting into our bodies and into the bodies of our children.

With all of our food processing, preserving, and packaging we use thousands of chemicals. These are chemical substances foreign to our biological systems. These toxins are known to cause allergies, asthma, hyperactivity, and hypersensitivity. They cause behavior "problems" and then we turn right around an give our children drugs so we can correct those "problems". Isn’t that adding insult to injury? First, we feed them something that will make them sick, then we give them something to get rid of it they will make them sicker in the long run.

You see, every toxin, pollutant, pesticide, and drug that we ever take from the time we are tiny babies is stored in our tissues, our cells, our fat, our muscles. Our body’s recognize these pollutants and they try desperately to get rid of them. Our kidneys, livers, and lungs are working overtime just trying to filter out all this garbage. We have become toxic waste dumps ourselves with our colons full of putrefied meats and other foods that can’t be digested. Toxins and poisons are being released into our blood from all this waste matter that can’t get out. No wonder we have headaches and fatigue. It isn’t surprising that our blood sugar is all out of whack. In fact it’s a miracle that we’re alive at all considering the abuse that we do to ourselves

But there is hope if we will change our old bad habits and begin to love ourselves enough to take care of our health and to clean up our act. Let’s all consider with an open heart and mind that we have everything at our fingertips to restore our health. It’s all right under our nose. It’s our mouth, and what we put into it! From today forward let’s do some new things. Let’s make some better decisions. Let’s become informed and take our power back. Let’s come to a place where we know that we can live healthy and disease free for many more years. Let’s consider this:

Eat Organic!! Conventional fruits and vegetables are sprayed regularly, making them contaminated and dangerous to eat. Dried fruits are treated with methyl bromide. Corn is soaked in sulfur dioxide to prevent fermentation. This chemical then finds its way into hundreds of foods like corn chips, corn syrup, corn sweetener (dextrose), cornstarch, cornmeal, flour, and corn oil. Fruits are dusted with sulfur and sprayed with ethylene gas to ripen them, like in the case of bananas. Paraffin, a petrochemical, is used to polish green peppers, apples, and cucumbers.

EAT RAW AND LIVING FOODS!! It is a known fact that when we cook our food, even good food like fruits and vegetables, we kill it! We destroy all the enzymes and most of the nutritional value when we cook. We lose valuable vitamins and minerals just by heating to over 115 degrees. Raw foods are our fruits and vegetables that we pick an eat. Living foods are those that we have soaked and sprouted like beans, peas, nuts, seeds, and grains. Living foods have increased nutritional value because they are creating new life when the sprout emerges. These foods energize, detox, and restore the body to a healthy state.

STOP EATING junk and processed food.

Drink good water from a source you know is pure. If you don’t have your own spring or well then purchase reverse osmosis water. This water is alive unlike distilled water which is heated therefore dead.

Clean our your colon with personal enemas and colonics. Professional colonic therapists do us a great service and we should give thanks for them every day. If more of us cleaned out our colons there would be much less disease.

Be Positive and think about things as you want them to be. Know that you are in total and perfect health. Encourage your children and lift them up with inspiration.

Exercise. Gentle bouncing on a rebounder (trampoline) will help the lymph system to drain. We have more lymph than blood in the body. Lymph bathes every cell. It helps get the toxins out of our body.

Breathe deeply. Most of us don’t know how to breathe properly. It is important to take deep cleansing breaths. Learn to breathe.

Brenda Cobb is the Director of the Living Foods Institute.
1530 Dekalb Ave., Atlanta, Georgia 30307
You can reach her by calling 404-524-4488 or if you live outside the Atlanta area, call toll free: 1-800-844-9876.