Why juice?

I have been making a fresh green juice every morning for years. Why?

You can literally drink cancer-fighting, skin-clearing, joint-soothing, energy-enhancing nutrients in every glass! And every glass is different. You can add the ingredients that you like best, and feel are right for you that day. Not only will this increase your stamina, but also your vitality and glow.

What are the benefits of juicing?

There are too many to count, but here is a list of the ones I have experienced. Green juice:

  • Helps you assimilate nutrients easily
  • Shifts your body from acidic to alkaline
  • Promotes youthfulness (I call it my own personal fountain of youth)
  • Encourages weight loss and weight control
  • Promotes efficient elimination
  • Improves energy

When we juice fruits and vegetables (always whole, raw, unprocessed foods), we make them easier for our bodies to digest. Juicing extracts the liquid nutrition, making them available for easy absorption into the body. All those nutrients get directly into your cells. Our bodies absorb the nutrients faster than the regular route of digestion, and without expending the energy required by digestion. This energy is then available for your body to use. This means increased energy!

Some raw vegetables can be difficult to digest, but this isn't always the case when you consume the juice from those same vegetables. If there is a vegetable that you *love*, but have a hard time digesting, try juicing it. There are amazing enzymes in some produce that we can't absorb through regular digestion that a juicer can release!

You probably already know that your body needs to be alkaline (non-acidic) for optimum performance. An alkaline body serves you best. When you are too acidic, you become ripe for the growth of bacteria, viruses, even cancer. but if you are alkaline, it is much harder for disease to take hold, and this is a good thing!

Your mouth is a perfect example. When your mouth is too acidic, you start to get cavities, have bad breath, and potentially develop periodontal disease. Not good. So, imagine the chaos each organ has in your body if it is out of pH balance. There is a delicate balance going on within our internal environment.

A more alkaline body is vital to living a healthy lifestyle. When parts of the body do not have the nutrients they need to maintain an alkaline state, they steal those nutrients from other parts of the body. Naturally, this can cause even more issues that the body must handle - a vicious cycle!

You can support your body and its need to be in a healthy pH range simply by starting to juice, and by replacing some of your current acidic food and drink choices with better plant-based choices in your diet. Green juices promote an alkaline state in your body. In fact, the more green juice you drink, the faster you will see marked differences in your health. These include clearer skin, better digestion, higher metabolism and fewer illnesses. But it's the differences you CAN'T see that would amaze you: stronger immune system, better bone health, lower inflammation response everywhere (joints, connective tissue, allergies, etc.), better digestion and many more.

Juicing promotes youthfulness! I'm not going to claim that green juice will "make you young," but I know first hand that it can make you feel and look younger.

I have never felt so vibrant and full of energy as I do now!

Take a look at the lifestyle Jack LaLanne and his wife led. Also, take a peek at Kris Carr and her wonderful journey. There are many, many, many more examples!

There is a very good reason why juicing is a key component of my own personal anti-aging regimen. It works!

How many of us struggle with weight loss? I used to. Juicing is a delicious way to help you drop the extra pounds.

Juicing stimulates fat burning, plus it helps us achieve weight loss by reducing cravings, jump starting our metabolism, and flushing toxins. Juicing helps curb your appetite, as long as you don't add too many fruits. A lot of fruit juice can cause your blood sugar to spike, which can actually make you feel hungrier.

Stick with vegetables, and you will enjoy a balanced blood sugar and less hunger.

Juicing promotes efficient elimination!

My favorite topic: elimination. Not everyone wants to talk about this, but it is a natural, regular function that every animal on earth does.

I know from personal experience the pain and awful feeling of being bloated and "plugged up". It is NOT a good feeling.

A plant-based diet with living foods totally eliminated that problem for me! It will for you too, especially if you make juicing a part of your daily routine, along with plant-based diet choices.

Keep in mind that helping your body to clean out the trash is what it is all about. What we consume is very important, but elimination through our skin, sweat, urine and excrement is absolutely crucial to our existence. What we eliminate and what we hold on to have a direct correlation to the quality of our health! Even when we take good stuff in, we have to get the toxins OUT of our bodies. DAILY.

Elimination. Embrace it.

NOTE: I recommend a weekly enema regimen to help cleanse your colon regularly, at least a 4 ounce mini-enema. A colonic given by a professional colon hydrotherapist is a great idea a few times a year, like with the change of seasons.