Listen to what happy clients are saying! Please send me your testimonial of how I have helped you, and I'll post it here.

"You have been a huge help to me! I can't thank you enough for clearing up the confusion about how to eat right. I always learn something when we talk - you are so knowledgeable about how to get healthy and stay that way. I actually do feel better!"

"I was able to dramatically reduce my high blood pressure meds, thanks to your advice. Thank you!"

"As you were doing a pranic healing, I saw the colors of each chakra. It was amazing! And the next day, my joint pain was noticeably better."

"Thank you for the Reiki treatment and the Indian Head Massage. I wish I could do that every day! Reiki reduces my pain immediately, thank you."

"I love talking with you about nutrition and health. It is always fascinating, and I always learn something. I had no idea that some "normal" foods could be so toxic. I can't wait to attend another class or seminar! Thank you!"

This week, I’ve eaten raw about 75%--yesterday all 3 meals—with sprouts every day, dry skin brushing, trying to eat something fermented. Some interesting side effects include:
· Better sleep
· More energy
· Regularity (I was already, but now throughout the day, and less odor?)
· Meat beginning to smell weird
· Drinking less wine