Alkaline Water

Your body is made of 75% water...but you need the RIGHT water. I recommend Alkaline Water.

Every cell and tissue needs water to function. Your kidneys need water to cleanse and detoxify your entire body and your brain depends on water to function.

Over half of the cases of dementia could be greatly improved with adequate hydration because your nerve cells in your brain require water.

The brain is bathed in cerebrospinal fluid composed mostly of water and when dehydrated your brain function is greatly compromised.

Your body (the tissues, enzymes, organs, cells) is so sensitive to loss of water that it will feel the effects of dehydration within 48 hours after inadequate hydration begins.

You can live without food for several weeks but you would die if you did not drink water for FOUR days. The only more critical substance than water is the air you breathe. You cannot do without continual water consumption. Less than adequate water consumption may be worse because you may be unaware of the symptoms and don't take water consumption seriously. Alkaline Water can help.

The symptoms and appearance of dehydration are unmistakable. They include:

  • muscle soreness
  • fatigue
  • forgetfulness or dementia
  • heart palpitations or rapid heartbeat (greater than 75 beats per minute)
  • increased hunger
  • dry mouth and skin
  • headaches
  • constipation
  • yellow or brown urine
  • dizziness
  • delirium
  • alteration of blood pressure and much more
  • decreased athletic performance

Chronic dehydration can also lead to exacerbation of chronic illness and increase your susceptibility to infections.

Severe dehydration is not that common, except with high level athletic events in hot weather, but chronic moderate dehydration is one of the most frequent health problems in a society like ours which promotes the consumption of coffee, soda, alcohol, sugar laden drinks and many other dehydrating substances. These substances are not a replacement for water (a common and dangerous misconception) and in fact will make an existing chronic dehydration worse!

Not only does Living Water® hydrate every tissue, organ and cell more efficiently than tap or bottled water, but it gives your body many other critical advantages above and beyond simple hydration. More specifically, 5 benefits for the price of ONE.

First, Living Water® (LW) filters chlorine and fluoride (in addition to other toxins) from water. Bottled water has its own set of toxins directly from the plastic bottles in which they are stored!

Second, LW oxygenates the water to give tissues critical oxygen necessary for a healthier, higher performing you. If you oxygenate your water, this will make you more energized.

Third, LW alkalinizes your water to help neutralize acid buildup in your body as a result of accumulated lactic acid in muscles (result of athletic performance or stress) and acid resulting from the consumption of sugar, carbohydrates and meat common in most diets. This will dramatically improve muscle performance and accelerate recovery from illness and even surgery.

Fourth, LW ionizes your water so that you will be consuming a powerful antioxidant. This is critical for illness recovery as well as to slow or reverse aging. Aging of all tissues usually starts as a result of dehydration.

The final property of Living Water® that makes it so effective is the technology that slightly alters the molecular structure of the water molecule so it more efficiently penetrates every cell and more effectively brings nutrients into the cells and wastes out of the cells. This accelerates the healing of chronic illness.

If you are committed to improving your athletic performance, healing from chronic illness or just want to feel better with more energy and less aches and pains, Living Water® by Vollara is a foundational piece to those goals.

Consumption of Living Water is far less costly than bottled water!

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