Healing from disease naturally

I'd like to share some information that has, quite literally, been suppressed! Why? Because if we all learned to heal ourselves naturally, Big Pharma would be out of business. Let's put them out of business!

Tens of thousands of people have reversed all sorts of degenerative diseases. I'm going to write about it below, and you can do whatever you want with the information. But it's so simple! Please keep reading ...

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Ann Wigmore's Healing Methods

If you attend any natural living, natural healing or raw food events, you will hear many excellent speakers talking about how to reverse disease naturally. Thousands and thousands of people have reversed all sorts of conditions, ailments, and degenerative diseases naturally. And is it NOT just about raw foods!

There was an amazing woman named Dr. Ann Wigmore who had the highest success rate in the world at helping people heal from all sorts of degenerative diseases naturally.

Dr. Ann had such a high success rate helping people heal, that she received numerous visits from pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals, to find out what she was doing. Her message was starting to get out to everyone! Ironically, Dr. Ann died "mysteriously" in a fire. Not only did the fire kill her, but it also burned up her office, containing much of her information. Fortunately before she died, she had handed over many important books to people, such as her assistant Eirikur.

Dr. Ann Wigmore's healing protocol could be considered the most extreme out there, but it worked! She would put everyone on a raw food diet, give them liquid and blended nutrition such as wheatgrass juice, vegetable juices and blended living foods. Finally, she made sure that all of her clients cleansed their colons every single day!

Unfortunately, this vital protocol of her method seems to have been overlooked by most people. That protocol is cleansing the colon, every single day. To effectively reverse disease, cleansing the colon is ideally carried out diligently and consistently, with a raw food or simple plant based whole foods diet (void of processed foods), along with some sort of liquid or blended nutrition.

Dr. Ann was helping people reverse cancer regularly. She had an entire building created just for AIDS patients, and was getting excellent results.

So, what's more important, raw foods or a clean colon? Well, it depends what your condition is. But you can eat the most perfect diet in the world, and if you don't get the toxins OUT, it will take longer to heal. You also have to resolve any emotional issues that may exist, as emotions are the number one cause of disease!

Having said that, based on Dr. Ann's work, cleansing the colon consistently is a critical component in reversing disease.

What does that mean? I am NOT talking about any supplements that you take orally. Those supplements make me laugh! If anyone recommends these, they don't know what they're talking about. What I'm talking about is cleansing the colon with filtered water, either through a professional colon hydrotherapist or enemas at home.

Cleansing the colon with filtered water is the most powerful detox method in the world. Nothing even comes close!

Yeah, I know, some doctors say colon hydrotherapy is "dangerous". But think about it: If you were to heal naturally, it would take away profit from the largest industry in the world. Or ... you have some sort of "special" condition so your doctor says you can't do colon cleansing. I've heard lots of excuses! But what it comes down to is: Do you want to heal or not?

It is true that colon cleansing alone, without a relatively clean diet, won't get you very far. But you don't need to be on an "extreme" 100% raw food diet to heal. Adding colon cleansing to a raw food diet would be the fastest way to heal, but as long as you are at least eating plant based whole foods, leaving out processed foods, while doing colon cleansing every day, this gives you the best shot to reverse any condition, ailment or degenerative disease naturally!

If you're not sure what a whole foods diet is, read "The China Study". In a nutshell, a whole food looks like it did when it was picked. If it's been processed into another form, like pasta or bread, it's not "whole" anymore. If you want to eat animal products, make sure they're either local or organic or both, and take digestive enzymes when you eat them (this is critical). Goat's milk products are much easier to digest than cow's milk products, but you still need to take digestive enzymes with them.

People sometimes manage to fool themselves about what they eat: they will insist, for example, that they only eat whole foods, yet in private, convince themselves that it is OK to eat processed foods occasionally. And then they wonder why this "doesn't work" for them!

Again, you don't have to be extreme, like a totally raw foodist. But if you colon cleanse every day, consume liquid vegetable nutrition and eat more raw foods or totally whole foods, you will heal.

You may see healing results without cleansing your colon every single day, with Dr. Ann's protocol. But if you are in a healing crisis (use any medications at all, have any conditions you want to eliminate, including obesity), then colon cleansing every day gives you the best shot to healing.

This process is SO simple, and yet some of you will probably still come up with every excuse possible to discredit this idea and try to convince yourself that you are not "able" to do this. You are able! I am sick and tired of hearing other "professionals", some with "MD" or other letters after their names, saying they are "helping" people when they have NO CLUE how to help people heal.

It is my mission to get this information out, the simple truth about healing naturally from disease. I hope I have been able to get this point across. If you're "sick of sickness", it's time to change something in your life. Get the toxins out!

If you're not sure which enema kit to use, contact me for details. Ok, let's detox!