Got kids?

I'm reading a book called "Creating Healthy Children" by Karen Ranzi. I recommend this book to everyone who has kids, wants to have kids, or knows anyone with kids! I heard Karen speak in Atlanta, and she is extremely knowledgeable. I was very impressed!

I'm including the introduction of her book in thisblog. Raising healthy children begins *before* conception, and lasts until those "kids" are on their own. I didn't know much about it, not having kids myself, but I'm glad I got the book, because I am learning a lot!


Creating Healthy Children, by Karen Ranzi

I feel two compelling reasons to write this book on raising healthy children. My first is to expose the dramatic life-changing difference raw vegan foods can make during pregnancy, lactation and in raising the healthiest children possible. The second reason revolves around security and trust, and the strong inner knowing of one's true place in the world, developed only by the close skin-to-skin attaching relationship between mother and baby.

I believe all parents and parents-to-be should study the physiological and emotional needs of their children, and learn how to care for them in a way that meets those needs. Taking care of these needs will bring health and excellence in all areas. The problems children face in today's world are largely the result of misguided and uninformed parents. Trillions of dollars are pent annually on drugs, hospitals, nurses and physicians, showing the vast extent of disease and suffering. There are a growing number of physicians who realize the importance of a healthful diet and lifestyle, but continue to treat symptoms without looking for their cause. Most doctors have not been trained in nutrition and healthy, but solely to test, administer drugs and perform surgery.

It's tragic the civilized world has developed an eating style that causes children so much suffering -- both now and for the rest of their lives. We have followed a medical way of looking at pregnancy and childbirth which often leads to a couple being more concerned about the mother's recovery from surgical delivery, instead of naturally focusing on nursing the baby! The many "experts" who talk about avoidance of spoiling children by insisting they sleep alone have conditioned mothers and fathers to emotionally detach themselves from their children, going against their own parental instincts.

While writing this book, I was advised to keep it strictly to the topic of raw foods for children, but I don't see how I could possibly separate the emotional needs of babies and growing children from their biological and physiological needs. Only all of these integrated factors will lead to a fully healthy, evolved being. I felt it was most important to present all aspects of raising a fit and well-adjusted child.

It is my passion to disseminate valuable information about a healthful family lifestyle so children can have the benefits of living their lives without illness, and have the strongest possibility of realizing their true potential. We don't always have control over much that goes on in our physical world. Water and air pollution affect us every day, and the daily stresses of life are detriments to our health. The only things we have complete control over are what food we choose to put into our bodies, what we use on our skin, the amounts of sleep and exercise we get, and the love and emotional support we give ourselves and our children.

One third of the United States population is reported to be severely overweight due to the standard diet. It is unfair to children that parents are so uninformed about how to care for their young. Thousands upon thousands of children are allowed to become obese because their parents feed them fast foods. We need to bring people back to nature by guiding them to observe how other species thrive. I truly wish I had all the information I'm now presenting in this book, before having my children. The food we put into their bodies and the love and care we give to our children as they grow from infancy should nourish them for a beautiful disease-free secure lifetime.

I am not a doctor, but I have seen quite clearly through my studies and observations, health is created when we take control of it. My own children have been healthiest when eating predominantly raw foods, and my observations of raw pregnancies and raw vegan families have provided me with information pointing to the necessity of staying on this path.

What is raw, alive vegan food, and why eat more of it? Eating all or mostly greens, fruits and vegetables is the simplest way to establish and maintain optimal health and weight. Uncooked greens, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are also called "live" (rhymes with thrive) foods because they have all of their enzymes intact. Live foods don't contain the toxic chemicals created by high cooking temperatures, and their vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber remain whole. Complete nutrition, undamaged by fire, helps to prevent disease, reduce weight and increase energy. Fresh natural food also keeps its delicious flavor. Everyone can make improvements by eating more raw food. It's especially important to eat a fresh green salad if eating a cooked starch or protein meal. If you think it's too time consuming to prepare raw food recipes, simply eat a bowl of colorful organic berries. Raw vegan food can be that simple - the original and ultimate fast food.

One of the main objectives here is to help families to increase the amount of natural, live foods in their diets, no matter what their diets now contain. There is absolutely no pressure to eat raw food exclusively. ...

There are many other important aspects to health not to be overlooked. Over many years, I've learned focusing on food alone is not sufficient. Time outdoors each day, a relaxed positive attitude, plenty of exercise and enough sleep should also be top priorities in a healthy lifestyle.

I am so grateful to be able to present the information in this book which I believe will best benefit your growing children. I have included what I have studied and learned from mentors, research and many years of experience. I have also asked others to contribute articles with valuable information about raising healthy children. And I am so excited about the section on raw family journeys. These are all people whom I contacted and questioned, asking them to include their special stories imparting their life experiences.

This is a book about consciousness, about raising our awareness of our surroundings. With intent and mindfulness, we can nurture our children through feeding them fresh plant foods drawn from the earth and treat them with the ultimate respect they deserve as human beings - our only hope for the future, so they can grow up to be strong, secure and aware individuals.