We all make cancer cells, but it's no big deal

Cancer. That word strikes fear in just about everyone. It used to scare me, too, but I have learned that I have control over my health. We all have this control! It's about the choices we make in our lives.

I listened to an excellent phone interview with Dr. Thomas Lodi, from An Oasis Of Healing, which is a natural cancer treatment center (www.anoasisofhealing.com). Dr. Lodi gets about a 99% success rate with his program. The information he shared isn't new, but I'd like to share it with you.

When you go to a "traditional" (allopathic) doctor, they may give you drugs, but that will not solve the problem you have! Allopathic medicine doesn't resolve any problems. Emergency medicine can get you through some situations, like broken bones, but there are no allopathic cures. Even the fundamental understanding of health and disease is wrong in allopathic treatment!

For example, allopathic doctors may "treat" cancer with radiation. Radiation may get rid of a tumor temporarily, but the collateral damage is unthinkable. Radiation causes cancer!

Cancer is caused by toxicity. It's that simple. It is absolutely NOT genetic. There are NO cancer genes. The only conditions attributed to genetics (less than 1% of illness) are things like mongolism and albinism. Would nature create a cancer gene? Would evolution create a cancer gene? Of course not. If it were genetic, all our ancestors would have had it.

The environment that you give your genes is what determine what diseases appear. Our bodies are always attempting to obtain homeostasis, in the most adverse conditions.

What's necessary for every person to heal is the same. We all have the same basic needs. Cancer is an anaerobic cell - it has no antioxidant enzymes, it ferments, and its shape is different. This helps to eliminate it.

If you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with cancer, or any disease for that matter, don't bother with a biopsy. Biopsies and surgeries DO spread cancer. Just start with cleansing and immune building. Go the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, or call me for a consultation on how to do this.

Dr. Lodi's treatment includes;

Ozone therapy, which is widely used outside the US. This starts oxidizing white blood cells, which then start producing anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.
UV light. This treatment removes bacteria and infections in the blood. This was used way before penicillin was discovered.
Medicinal mushrooms (shiitake, reishi). These can double and triple natural killer cells in our bodies, which are the natural assassins of cancer cells. You need capsules and tinctures, as the quantity required is more than you could eat.
Eliminate the immune system's requirement for homeostasis by keeping the colon clean, and not consuming toxins! This allows the immune system to use its energy on defense. Colonics are important. Enemas only clean a very small part of the colon, and miss the cecum. Cleaning the cecum is imperative! We live in a toxic environment, so Dr. Lodi does a colonic once a week.
Stop making cancer. When you eat, do you want to feed the cancer, or the immune system? Foods can enhance the immune system. Processed non-foods and animal products do the opposite.
Do wheatgrass implants (enemas), following a salt water enema.
Eat as many organic raw plant foods as possible.

How do we prevent cancer?

Remove all the toxins! When a cell is surrounded by toxins, it cannot engage fully in its job. It's too busy defending and repairing. "If you don't clean the aquarium, the fish will get sick."
To build something, you need a blueprint (DNA), raw materials and energy. (keep reading...)

Nature produces tomatoes, not tomato sauce. Nature produces apples, not applesauce. Nature produces substances in combination with other substances. Lycopene in tomatoes, in isolation, will do nothing. A tomato has just enough lycopene, vitamin A, and other nutrients, packaged perfectly to be digested and assimilated, so we'll have the appropriate raw materials and cofactors.

When we heat food, we destroy the relationship between all components, and we destroy the enzymes forever. The food will no longer digest when it gets to the pancreas, so the pancreas has to do 5-6 times as much work. This is the same with the thyroid or the heart - they all get larger because they may be doing 10 times the work!

Energy: younger people (generally) have more energy than older people. When we run out of energy, the game is over. Where do we get energy? From the sun. It's collected by plants, turned into ATP and glucose. Cooking food removes the life (energy) from our food, literally.

Eating raw plant foods gives the body the appropriate raw materials and energy to do its work. Our DNA is capable of creating healthy cells, but without the raw materials, it cannot do that.

Even if a cancerous tumor is cut out of the body, the body is still creating cancer cells, IF the diet does not change!

If cancer was a local condition, it could easily be removed. But that's not the case. Within 18 months, it will be in the liver, the brain, or somewhere else. Surgeons can only remove what's detectable, not what's in the blood.

Smoking is the same as eating in this regard. Eating an unhealthy diet is FAR more dangerous than smoking.

Getting rid of cancer is about keeping it gone. It is about what we eat. If you return to what you were eating pre-cancer, it WILL come back. It's not the lump that will kill you, it's the spreading and the organ failure.

What does Dr. Lodi do to remove cancer?

  • Green juice feasts, for different amounts of time, depending on the toxicity level. Ideally: 21-30 days with cleansing.
  • Raw plant foods
  • Vitamin C (orally and IV)
  • Colonics
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Ozone blood treatment
  • Sometimes, a water fast. It takes three days to get the body into ketosis, so a supervised water fast should be at least ten days, to break down the pathological tissue. Cancer can be reversed in a seven day water fast.

Eliminating cancer is worth spending the time to get rid of it! It is more important than any job, so it is worth leaving or losing the job to heal yourself.

We all have cancer cells, and there are tests that tell you how many years out you can expect it. The question is not "Are we going to get it?" The question is "Are we going to survive it?"

The answer is YES!

Don't scrub your food clean! A little bit of earth is good for us! This is where we get B12. Even vegans don't need to take B12 as long as we get a little bit of dirt in our diets! In India, for example, they've never even heard of B12.

Go to bed early, wake up early.

Read about health! (not disease)

Exercise, break a sweat!

Get spiritually connected. (And I'm NOT talking about religion here.)

Fast at the four seasons (the equinox)

Stop making cancer! Get rid of the toxins

When you cut your finger, you know that it will heal. The body knows how to heal itself, from a cut, and from cancer. You just have to give it the correct raw materials!

For more information on Dr. Lodi's web site, go to www.stopmakingcancer.com, click on "Contact Us" and write "free report" in the comments.

Contact me when you are ready to live a happy, healthy, disease-free life! I will come up with a plan for you!