dealing with skeptics

How to Deal With Raw Sceptics
Posted on June 7, 2013 by Karen Knowler

If you’re thinking of transitioning to a raw food lifestyle, you may well be asking yourself: “What will people say?”

One of the most common issues people have around eating raw is the social ramifications. Will you suddenly become a social outcast, or will people think you’ve gone “weird”?

Isn’t it ironic that when we try to look after ourselves better, especially through food, that the people around us so often try to talk us out of it, stand in our way, tempt us, tease us, make life a little bit difficult or just make negative comments that, in the end, often derail us? It’s so easy to succumb, if only for an easier life.

If aliens visited our planet and observed what we ate, what we considered food and how we treated our most valuable possession (our body), wouldn’t they run off laughing or shaking their heads in disbelief? And yet our immediate families typically think that the more processed and junk food they feed us, the more “loving” and “caring” they’re being! We do know that they mean well, but really…?

Time for a little reframing maybe?

Depending on how far you are into your journey to health, you may already have learned that sometimes you just have to keep things to yourself! Even in the 21st century, an age where almost anything seems possible, sitting down and eating a truly healthy “live” meal is often still seen by the majority as unconventional, rather anti-social and even, unfortunately, downright weird.

This is the reality most of us find ourselves in. Things are definitely improving though – I don’t doubt for one moment that raw food nutrition is the way things are heading – but as yet, the movement towards live nutrition isn’t quite fast enough to allow most of us to eat healthily without taking some stick for it!

Now, accepting that as a reality, we have two choices:

We make our food choices to please ourselves
We make our food choices to please others
(Remember who has to live with the consequences though.)

There can be a third option – a 50/50 approach – and that is the one I suggest you take at the start of your journey. That way you get to feel some of the benefits, and you also get to eat with your family, friends, partner and colleagues without having to listen to all the reasons why “you’ll fade away eating all that rabbit food” (you won’t) or why “you need a good hearty meal inside you” (you do – just not comprising of meat and potatoes!).

That said, if you’re braver than I was and think you can take anything that life or the people in your life can throw at you, then by all means set your own pace.

You will come under the spotlight for your “strange eating habits” right from the start if you make a public announcement, so bear this in mind while making the transition!

You know why you’re eating raw and you know the benefits you can expect to gain. You can look forward to limitless energy, vibrancy and optimal health – and isn’t that worth putting up with a few less-than-positive comments in the beginning?

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