why your focus is so important!

What are you focused on?

You've heard me say this before, but it's worth repeating ... over and over and over!

Whatever is happening in your life is manifested by YOU. Whatever is happening in my life is manifested by ME! What we think and what we say determine what will happen next, that's just how the energy in the universe works. (Watch the movie "The Living Matrix" or "You Can Heal Your Life" for more information on this.)

This means: whatever you FOCUS ON is what will occur. Here are some examples -

  • When you say things like, "I am always broke" or "I never have enough money," THAT is what will show up for you.
  • If you use phrases like, "That hurts me," what will show up is PAIN (hurt = pain).
  • "I have (insert medical condition here)." Every time you take ownership of a condition and state that you "have" it, you manifest it in your life.

So, you can imagine what a phrase like "They are going to give me a heart attack!" would do to your health!!

That brings us back to what you are FOCUSED on. If you pay attention to your words, you will notice what your focus is. When we focus on bad things, those bad things continue. When we focus on a medical problem, we continue to have it.

Ok, enough of the bad news. There is very good news!

We know that what we think and what we say has power, so we can use that to our benefit! In the same way that focusing on the negative has an undesirable outcome, when we focus on the POSITIVE, great things happen.

First, always remember this: Anything less than a loving thought is toxic.

Ok, now let's make sure we only manifest GOOD things in our lives. Here are examples of that -

  • "I am prosperous. I always have more money coming in than going out! I am a money magnet!"
  • "I give thanks in knowing that I am in perfect health in every cell of my body, now and forever."
  • "I love and approve of myself! I am beautiful!"
  • "I give love, and I receive love."

Substituting these simple positive, loving thoughts for the former negative ones will have a huge impact on your health and your wealth. Seriously.

Here are some more suggestions to make sure you are using high vibration thoughts and words, which manifests into good things for you:

  • You have control over every thought and every emotion. If you catch yourself getting angry or irritated at a person or an event, stop, and send love to whatever the source of the perceived problem is. If it's a person, say "I bless them with love and light, I send them love." (You'll often find that the problem is either immediately gone or resolves very quickly.)
  • When you get in your car, say "I am driving with ease, love and joy with all the other angels around me." (I say this every single time I get in my car.)
  • My body only absorbs that which serves me well. I deserve only the best! I only consume things that are *good* for me.
  • Is there something specific you want to manifest in your life? You have to be open to receiving it, which means you have to feel you deserve it, which means you have to love yourself first. Use the affirmations above daily, and write down what you want to manifest in your life. Be specific! Then visualize that event occurring, and let the universe make it happen. The "how" is NOT up to you.

This also explains why some people have negative patterns in their lives. When we repeat the same negative thoughts, we re-manifest the negative results.

You may also notice that some people or places make you feel "bad" (uncomfortable, irritable, angry, sad, give you a headache). Those are people and places that are holding negative energy. You want to protect your own lovely energy, so minimize your time in those places, and do an energy break (let me know if you don't remember how to do this).

I also recommend regular energy clearing, because we can take on negative energy from others just by touching a surface, like a doorknob or a chair.

If you seem to be in a pattern that you'd like to break, let me know and I'll send you some suggestions to get that energy moving in a positive direction. Use essential oils from Herbs Of Light (available on my web site http://www.annmcgrath.com/?q=node/22), and eat organic, living and raw plant foods as much as possible. Living foods like sprouts and freshly picked produce have the highest vibration, and are the best for our health. An alkaline body has higher vibrations, and remains at its peak health.